IPL Treatments

Intense pulse light (IPL) therapy is a fantastic way to achieve permanent hair reduction.


IPL releases precisely controlled short bursts of light that are absorbed by melanin, (the pigment in hair).

This heats the hair and destroys the root to achieve long term hair reduction.

No more worrying about regular waxing appointments!

Call us here at The Ivy Clinic , on 020 8977 8700 and book a free consultation.

Treatments for Men

Our Beauty Therapists here at The Ivy, offer a fantastic Men’s Facial Skin Treatment.

Men's facial

It consists of a deep cleansing treatment to exfoliate and to help eliminate blocked pores,

it soothes shaving bumps and irration whilst leaving the skin revitalised.

We also offer a Hand Grooming, Foot Grooming and back, shoulder or chest wax,

or at the end of a long week, a relaxing De-stress back, neck and shoulder massage.


Dental Hygiene Appointments

Hygienist Regulations

The General Dental Council has now ruled that patients who want to visit a dental hygienist can now do so without the need for their dentist to officially refer them.


So to anyone who would like to book in with our lovely hygienist, Maryan, please pick up the phone and call us for an appointment.

Our phone number here at The Ivy Clinic in Teddington is 020 8977 8700

Manicure and Pedicures

At last, some sunshine!!


If you’re thinking of getting  your sandals and flip flops out and want your toes and feet to look great, our Beauty Therapists here at The Ivy Clinic in Teddington can help.

Come in and relax with a lovely pedicure.

Choose from a range of nail polish colours by OPI, and if you want your hands to match,

Our Therapists can do a beautiful manicure for you too.