IPL Treatments

Intense pulse light (IPL) therapy is a fantastic way to achieve permanent hair reduction.


IPL releases precisely controlled short bursts of light that are absorbed by melanin, (the pigment in hair).

This heats the hair and destroys the root to achieve long term hair reduction.

No more worrying about regular waxing appointments!

Call us here at The Ivy Clinic , on 020 8977 8700 and book a free consultation.

Dillon Chan

Dillon is the principal dentist. He qualified from Manchester University Dental School in the year 2000 and was awarded the Farar Prize in dentistry as the best dentist in his year in the field of prosthetic dentistry. He has also been awarded the MDDUS prize for his research into mouthguards. Dillon is passionate about providing high standards of dentistry and facial aesthetic treatments. His gentle approach and high quality treatment means he has many loyal patients, including some television presenters and models. As a child, Dillon had aspirations to be a chef so in his spare time he enjoys testing new recipes on the rest of The Ivy Clinic team.

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