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Teeth Whitening

Special occasion coming up?

Talk to our team at The Ivy about a free Teeth Whitening consultation!

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It is so important to speak to your Dentist when considering Teeth Whitening!

Teeth whitening, or bleaching, is very safe and effective when correctly performed by a professional who can properly screen patients.

Our Dentists here at The Ivy Clinic can provide customised whitening trays, ensure the correct concentration of  Hydrogen Peroxide  and provide dental supervision before, during and after treatment.

Male Grooming

The Male Grooming market is continuing to grow!


The latest research found that 54% of men regularly use moisturiser and eye cream.

According to the study, a third of men reported using hair removal products, while 9% admitted to using foundation and 11% to using bronzer,

And these figures are rising all the time.

This increase is not just occurring in the retail side.

The survey also found that 29% of men reported having manicures, 24% to having facials and 13% enduring eyebrow waxing.

Men are becoming increasingly concerned about how their looks can affect their career prospects.

Gone are the days where a man’s cosmetic shelf consisted of a bar of soap and a bottle of Old Spice.

Specialist male make-up is on the rise and top designers are launching more and more male grooming products.

Here at The Ivy Clinic in Teddington, our Beauty Therapists offer a range of treatments for men, including deep cleansing facials, laser hair removal, hands and feet grooming, and waxing, for back, chest or eyebrows.