3D LIPOMED Body Fat & Cellulite Reduction

What is 3D Lipomed?

Do you want to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat? Do you want to lose inches or tighten skin? If so, consider 3D Lipomed-a revolutionary NEW fat-reduction treatment.

3D Lipomed is the brand new ‘medi’ version of the popular 3D Lipo treatments, offering a new and improved update of this powerful technology.

Liposuction is a procedure that helps to get rid of fat in the body. 3D Lipomed is a powerful and revolutionary new approach to liposuction which does not involve surgery. 3D Lipomed reduces body fat by destroying fat cells instead of merely breaking them up and releasing them back into the body.

Unlike other lipo offerings that utilize Diode Laser (I-Lipo, Strawberry and Laser Lipo) the 3D Lipo technology, Cavitation + Cryolipolysis, physically destroys the fat cell. The advantage of this is that you are not required to exercise post treatment in order to metabolize the released fat which is a significant advantage over existing methods.

Added to this, with the combination of Radio Frequency and 3D-Dermology, you are able to combine an effective skin tightening application for both the face and body and also target cellulite.

3D-Lipomed offers several options and combinations to target and successfully treat stubborn fat areas and cellulite.

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